Metal & Nylon Insert Locknuts

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Abbott Interfast was one of the first locknut providers in the fastener industry.  Early on we recognized this staple as one of the most effective and economical components used in just about every industry.  We have been a leader in locknut sales since 1948.  Abbott purchased a locknut manufacturer, Steloc Fastener Corporation, in its early years and continues today to produce parts.

Abbott supplies various types of locknuts in both standard inch and metric sizes.  We also supply locknuts in both All Metal (self-locking) and Nylon Inserts (nylon locking).  

Locknut Materials

Materials vary but below is a sample list: 

    • All Metal Locknuts – Steel, Stainless, Monel, Brass, Aluminum
    • Nylon Insert Locknuts – Steel, Stainless, Brass, Aluminum






Locknut Sizes

Locknut sizes can also vary. Common locknut sizes include:

4-40/48 1/4-20/28
6-32/40 5/16-18/24
8-32/36 3/8-16/24
10-24/32 7/16-14/20
12-24/28 1/2-12/20

Addional sizes and materials are available upon request.

Locknut Applications

Locknuts can be coated in just about any type of plating.  Special locknuts or specific torque performance criteria can be customized for your application as well as the locking element, thread fit, coatings, hex size or height. 

From airplane seats to motorcycle windshields and applications as simple as garage doors or child wagons, Abbott has supplied millions of locknuts in various types and sizes since 1948.  Few companies in the fastener industry know, manufacture, design and sell locknuts with our expertise.

Call now to have us assist in selecting and providing locknuts for your existing or new applications.


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