Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon Insert Locknuts

Abbott Interfast began producing Nylon Insert Locknuts in 1964 as the first licensee under US Patent No. 2,450,694 for Elastic Stop Nut Corporation of America.  Since that time, we have produced millions of locknuts for all types of applications. 

Yellow nylon inserts made from Dupont Zytel 101 is our trademark and indicates the Abbott is the manufacturer of the locknut.  We are a QPL approved source for the Military and appear on the QSLD / QSLM listings for MS, AN, NAS, ANS,

Nylon insert locknuts consist of two components, in its simplest form the description would be a hex nut and an insert.  Once assembled and held in place, the nylon inserts perform as a locking device using friction, which will not gall, against the mating part for applications where a regular hex nut may come loose from vibration or shock-loading.  In addition, the nylon insert provides re-usability.  When removed, the nylon relaxes and begins to return to its original shape providing continued use of the locking feature, an advantage over All Metal Locknuts.

Designed for applications with temperatures of up to 250F.  Thin patterned nylon insert locknuts can be used in applications where space is limited so long as the application is not loaded. Our USA manufactured locknuts meet all aspects of MIL-N-25027 and conform to IFI.

Our locknuts are available in all materials and coatings. Thread sizes range from as small as 0-80 to as large as 2.75-12

We offer a variety of additional special service options if needed, including custom plating and waxing to further enhance the use and quality of our locknuts.

Patterns available:

  • NE
  • NTE
  • ND
  • NM
  • NTM
  • A27M
  • NU
  • NTU
  • WING
  • NKM
  • NKTM
  • 1660
  • N1260
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

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