All Metal Lock Nuts

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All-Metal Locknuts

Since 1948, Abbott has been a supplier to the industrial market for various types of all metal locknuts.  From Automotive to construction, our all metal locknuts have provided solutions for high heat applications where a standard nylon insert locknut simply won’t do.

Produced from carbon and stainless steel, we offer numerous locking features with standard & custom torque requirements.  We can provide automation style, top locking, reversible locking, elliptical collar, flanged, serrated hex and conical.  We offer a variety of finishes, as well as other custom topcoats such as torque reducing wax.

Abbott today remains one of the few manufacturers who produce miniature locknuts in sizes as small as 4-40.  We can also provide locknuts to various grades and metric sizes as well. 



All Metal Lock Nuts

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