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CNC Turning Part

CNC Turning Services & Turned Parts 

When it comes to producing complex parts, performance hinges on expertise and the latest advanced equipment. Abbott-Interfast can produce CNC-turned parts and components through our CNC machining services that meet your specifications on time and within budget. 

What is CNC Turning? 

It’s a manufacturing process in which material is held in a chuck and rotated at high speed. A cutting tool contacts the workpiece, removing material to create the desired shape. The tooling is attached to a turret, which moves following all coordinates and variables entered before operation. The entire operation is computer-controlled achieving the most accurate tolerances available with machining today.

 This machining process offers numerous benefits. Examples include:

  • Increased Production Speed
  • Enhanced Production Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Consistent Uniformity
  • Cost Effective 

Your Source For Custom CNC Turned Parts  

Our specialty is producing finished CNC turned components using your drawing, specification, or purchase order requirements. We can help you realize your vision if you have a unique requirement.

Our team works with you to bring your project from concept to finished product quickly and affordably. Upon request, a prototype used for validation and testing can be created. Once you’re satisfied, full-scale production gets underway. 

CNC Turned Materials

The materials from which piece parts are made can impact upper-level tool functionality.

With advanced metallurgy knowledge and years of experience, Abbott-Interfast operators can transform many raw material types into quality finished parts using CNC turning machines.  


 We’re happy to manufacture products from customer-supplied materials or acquire them ourselves. Letting us take on sourcing saves you effort and time, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Our specialists get material from approved suppliers and check conformance to the applicable industry standard or customer specification upon arrival. 

CNC Turning Part for Automotive Industry

CNC Turned Industries Served

Abbott-Interfast is proud to be the trusted supplier of many customers and many industries including:

Let's Get Started

Obtain high-quality parts for your application with CNC turned components from Abbott-Interfast. Family-owned and operated since 1945, we’re committed to providing unparalleled service.

Give us a call to learn more about CNC turned parts. We are happy to discuss your project in greater detail. 

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