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Custom Components for Telecommunications 

Telecommunications provides a method for people to connect and companies to do business on a global scale. The same technology enables friends and family to converse. For businesses, reliable and timely communication is required for smooth operations, output, and overall success. Unless your hardware is manufactured using quality components, reliable contact is not guaranteed.  

Improve your functionality with custom components for telecommunications and related piece parts from Abbott Interfast. We are an ISO certified and ITAR registered manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of precision plastic and metal components to some of the largest players in the industry.  

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Quality Components, Uninterrupted Communication  

Telecommunications equipment used for communication through the  internet, phone, airwaves, cables, or wires encompasses different types of communication technologies and requires a range of devices, which include:  

  • Accentuators 
  • Headphones 
  • IoT Gateways and Sensors 
  • Microphones 
  • Power Stations 
  • Radiofrequency amplifiers 
  • RF Switches, Antennas and Assemblies 
  • Satellites 
  • Wireless Modules 

In order to ensure uninterrupted communication, you need quality components from a trusted supplier like Abbott Interfast. 

Commonly Used Materials

Whether you’re laying cables to transmit vital information or installing radio frequency transmission devices, precision machined components are crucial to application performance and longevity. Abbott Interfast can supply components made from the following materials to list a few:  

Unique Demands of the Telecommunications Industry

This infrastructure is necessary to pass voice, words, video, and audio around the world. Using components obtained from undependable sources can be detrimental for telecommunications equipment manufacturers. The flow of electricity within the device or fluid contact can degrade or corrode components manufactured from subpar materials. Corrosion propagates to other parts, prematurely reducing device lifespan and functionality. This ultimately leads to expensive recalls, negative customer feedback, and diminished profit margins. 

Telecommunications Components

No matter the telecommunication component you require, our knowledgeable, experienced team can meet your telecommunications application requirements. Products we manufacture or source for the telecommunications industry include:  

Keeping society connected 

Family owned and operated, Abbott Interfast has been fabricating and supplying high-quality components to Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1948. We provide cost effective, high-quality components which the telecommunications industry relies on every day using a wide array of equipment.  A variety of Automatic Screw Machines for high volume spacers, standoffs, and other automatic screw machine parts, as well as CNC equipment for lower volume and precision tolerances.  Our knob division is perfect for plastic components.  Our Locknut division can make all varieties of clinch nuts used in blind applications and are authorized to make parts to meet various MIL-specifications.   

Your Piece Part Source 

At Abbott Interfast, custom components are what we do. When you partner with Abbott Interfast, our team does the legwork.  We offer a range of value-added services developed to simplify supply chains, which curbs expenses and boosts turnaround time. Whether you need regular shipments of specific components or procurement of hard-to-find materials, we’re here to help. Our offerings include:  

The performance of your telecommunications operation is Abbott Interfast’s top priority. With our vast knowledge, machining capabilities, and sourcing networks, we supply the highest quality components on time and at an affordable price.  

Give us a call for more information about our telecommunications industry solutions.   

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