Screw Machined Parts

Screw Machined Parts

Screw Machine Parts

The term “screw machine” broadly refers to those machines that produce a high volume of turned parts via either CNC technology or cams. Screw machine products are found in many sensitive and critical applications, such as appliance parts, automotive tools, electronics components, laboratory tools, military parts, and precision medical tools

The choice of whether to use a mechanical screw machine or a CNC screw machine may prove a difficult one, as both machine types have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, traditional screw machines are less expensive on the outset and can produce high volumes of product. Also, they are not inherently slower than their CNC-operated counterparts.

The precision and tolerances reached by screw machining are hard to match. Rarely do parts created through other metal fabrication and forming processes approach the quality of screw machine products. Screw machines are perhaps the best devices out there for turned parts formation.

Mechanical screw machines have been replaced to some extent by CNC (turning centers) and CNC screw machines. However, they are still commonly in operation, and for high-volume production of turned components it is still often true that nothing is as cost-efficient as a mechanical screw machine.

Abbott Screw Machine Capabilities

  • CNC- Swiss Tsugami- 1 1/2 diameter Their sophistication, accuracy and precision, metal-removal speed, tool-changing speed, degree of automation create consistent high precision parts.
  • Davenport multi spindle-. 5 spindle, 7/8" diameter capacity
  • Brown & Sharps- single spindle, 1-5/8" diameter capacity
  • Acme-Gridley’s – 2 5/8 diameter capacity
  • New Brittan- 1 5/8 diameter capacity


Screw Machined Parts

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