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Plastic injection molding is, by far, the most popular industrial technique for making large volumes of identical goods.  Injection molding is a process for producing parts by injecting material into a mold. 

Abbott Interfast specializes in custom injection molded and phenolic molded products.  Abbott is there to assist your company in fulfilling the project requirements from color, strength, inserts, pad printing and texture with our plastic injection molding services.  With direct importing, we can ensure the highest quality at the most competitive price.    

Plastic Injection Molding Applications:

Plastic Injection Molding Products

Plastic Injection Molding Materials:

  • Acetal is strong, fatigue resistant, moisture resistant and chemical resistant
  • PP (polypropylene) is chemical resistant, elasticity, fatigue resistant and resists electricity
  • HDPE (high Density Polyethylene) is cost effective, withstands high tems, UV-resistant and resistant to most chemicals
  • Nylon does not burn, resistant to corrosion, high amount of insulation and offers high wear resistance.

Products produced by injection molding process vary in size, complexity and application and offer many benefits.

Benefits of Injection Molding:

  • Form complex shapes
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High production rate
  • Low labor cost
  • Scrap can be recycled

We are highly responsive to customer needs and have a reputation for excellence, dependability, and innovation.  Contact Abbott to learn more about how our custom plastic injection molding and custom phenolic molding solutions can benefit your next application.

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