Other Standard Fasteners

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Other Standard Fasteners

Since 1948 Abbott has distributed standard fasteners for all industries. Our 100,000-square foot facility is home to millions of standard hardware items ready to ship to meet your needs. Our size along with a global and domestic supply chain including hundreds of stocking distributors are at your service. Our ISO certification and quality system enables Abbott to supply you with the highest quality and low cost for all your standard hardware needs.
Send Abbott your list of standard hardware and you can take advantage of one the broadest distributor networks in the country!

standard fasteners

Bent Bolts

Hook Bolts

Eye Bolts



Elevator Bolts

All Styles and Sizes

Hanger Bolts

All Styles and Sizes

Hex Bolts

Finished Hex Bolts (Hex Cap Screws)

Heavy Hex Bolts & Screws

Hex Flange Bolts

Place Bolts

All Styles and Sizes

Plow Bolts



Square Neck

Reverse Key

Repair Head

Round Bolts

Button Head Bolts

Square Neck Bolts (Carriage Bolts)

Ribbed Neck Bolts

Countersunk Bolts

Step Bolts

Elevator Bolts

Square Bolts

All Styles and Sizes

Stripper Bolts

Hex Socket Shoulder Bolts

Structural Bolts

Steel and Aluminum

Heat-treated option



Heavy Hex Bolts

Askew Head Bolts

Stud Bolts

Continuous & Interference Thread Types

T-Head Bolts

All Styles and Sizes

Track Bolts

Oval Neck

Elliptic Neck

Acorn Nuts


Open End

High Crown

Battery Nuts



Hex Nuts

Standard Hex, plus the following variations:

Hex Jam Nuts

Hex Flat Nuts

Hex Slotted Nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts – including Jam, Flat, Slotted Versions

Hex Flange Nuts

Hex Coupling Nuts

Hex Castle Nuts

Machine Screw Nuts

Keps Nuts

Plain Dished

Dished Lock


Domed Lock

Pal Nuts

All Styles and Sizes

Push Nuts

All Styles and Sizes

Square Nuts

Standard Square, plus the following variations:

Heavy Square Nuts

Machine Screw Nuts

Tee Nuts

All prong numbers

Tinnerman Nuts

All Styles and Sizes

Weld Nuts

All major manufacturers

Wing Nuts

Type A, B, C, D

Clevis Pins


Cotter Pins – All Types, including T-head and Hammerlock


Dowel Pins


Escutcheon Pins


Grooved Pins – All Types


Spring Pins (Roll Pins)


Straight Pins


Taper Pins

Retaining rings

Pop Rivets (Blind Rivets)

All body, core, & mandrel/pin styles


Semi-Tubular Rivets

All body, core, & mandrel/pin styles


Solid Rivets

Acorn Head

Cone Head

Button Head

Countersunk, Flat

Countersunk, Oval

Pan Head

Truss Head

Bell (Swell-Neck)

Flat Head


Split Rivets (Bifurcated)

All Styles and Sizes


Structural Rivets, steel

All Styles and Sizes


Tubular Rivets

Oval Head

Truss Head

Flat Countersunk Head

Continuous Thread Studs – All Styles and Sizes 

Double End Studs – All Body Types

 Groove Drive Studs – All Styles and Sizes 

Interference-Thread Studs – All Body Types 

Threaded Studs– All Body Types

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