Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Abbott Interfast manages your inventory in more ways than one.

Whether it’s one part or several hundred, Abbott takes into account every consideration when it comes to managing our customer’s’ inventory. Whether it’s producing competitive parts on the right type of machine, providing preproduction samples, inspecting each and every dimension of each and every lot manufactured or received, packaging for protection, or simply holding product in stock for release when you need it --Abbott manages your inventory for you.

Cost Savings

When we manufacture or source parts for you, we utilize the most effective and competitive machinery recognizing that cost containment is a big part of our job. With that in mind, we regularly visit & audit our suppliers, both domestic and overseas, attend industry trade shows, and attend local & national educational meetings & networking events. All of these initiatives combine to keep our staff up to date on where to source or have parts made at the best possible pricing without any sacrifice in quality.

Inventory for Release

There are many different inventory programs available through Abbott. Each program can be tailored for specific customer requirements and results in the following benefits:

  • Reduced inventory on hand
  • Less handling of parts, less paperwork
  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased Inventory turns
  • Less warehouse space required
  • Backup product available for production spikes
Fastener Inventory Management

We look at your annual use estimates and work with you to ensure inventory is available when you need it but not on your books or balance sheet until then. We make sure you are only responsible for inventory which you commit to. We manage the cost, storage, delivery so you can focus on where you excel -- your product line. If you were out of product any time in the last few years due to supplier not having parts available, then you should be calling us to implement one of our systems:

  • Stock & release based on EAU estimates (On our shelf, shipped when you release)
  • JIT (On our shelf, shipped just in time to your production line
  • Consignment (on your shelf, pay as you use product)
  • Kan-Ban (send us weekly releases based on your production schedule)

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