Specialty Components for Instrumentation & Instrument Controls

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Specialty Controls for Instrumentation 

The Instrumentation industry continues to evolve and grow. The need for quality components has never been greaterAbbott Interfast LLC is proud to be at the forefront in filling that need. We are an ISO certified and ITAR registered domestic manufacturer and distributor with global sourcing capabilities. Since 1948 our family-owned company has supplied quality metal and plastic components to most major OEMs across the USA. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our specialty controls for instrumentation.  

Specialty Components for Instrumentation

Instruments are built using a variety of components, including pumps, cylinders, valves, hoses, fittings, gauges, sensors, filters, seals, clamps, inserts, and reservoirs. The quality of the components plays a vital role in device assembly, joining parts together or securing them to strategic locations. A professional, reliable, responsible supplier is crucial to achieving your goals. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is here to help with your Instrumentation component needs. Specialty components for instrumentation & instrument controls we manufacture and supply include: 

Commonly Used Materials

Your components can be manufactured in a vast array of materialsDFAR, RoHS, and REACH compliant material can be supplied upon request. Materials include but not limited to:

Industries That Benefit From Instrumentation 

In addition to the thousands of applications in consumer products, Instrumentation is used to monitor and maintain processes for improved production, monitor environmental conditions, control pressure and safeguard workers. Industries that benefit from instrumentation include: 

Types of Instrumentation Devices

Instrumentation is the process of controlling and analyzing physical quantities using various types of interconnected process control devices. Instruments may measure, manipulate, regulate, or process variables such as flow, temperature, level, or pressure. Here are some examples:   

  • Circuit Breakers 
  • Controllers 
  • Detectors 
  • Hydraulic Applications 
  • Monitors  
  • Pneumatic Applications 
  • Relays 
  • Sensors 
  • Solenoids 
  • Valves 

Why Abbott Interfast?

Speaking of precision instruments, our inspection department utilizes the latest technology in measuring devices to inspect your finished product. The Keyence IM-7020 is a state-of-the-art inspection system capable of checking multiple parts at once and eliminating operator error while generating reports in seconds. You can be confident in knowing our finished product meets your stringent requirements. 

 Today, our products are found in laboratories, refineries, factories, vehicles, and everyday household items to name a few. Tomorrow, we hope to see them in yours. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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