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Global sourcing with Abbott Interfast yields savings

Since 1948, our customers have had access to global sourcing. Abbott Interfast’s many years of experience ensures that you’ll get the exact parts you need, on time, at the best quality and the lowest price possible. We regularly visit our suppliers overseas to maintain our longstanding relationships and conduct periodic audits. Regardless of your part configuration, we are confident that somewhere within our vast network of Global Sourcing, we have a quality supplier who can manufacture it for you.

Our manufacturing locations include China, India, Japan, and Taiwan. In addition, we’ve established partnerships with other American domestic manufacturers that supplement our own production capabilities. All our products are carefully qualified and sourced through established factories that are audited and inspected. In our own 100,000 sq. ft. facility, we employ our own ISO certified process to ensure inventory meets the highest quality standards. Our global sourcing services are designed to eliminate warehouse carrying costs, customs clearance, and transportation fees; helping our customers save time, labor and money.

Before we send out your requirements they go through our extensive review including:

  • Shipping destination
  • Part features
  • Critical areas
  • Application
  • Performance specs
  • EAU & order quantities
  • Secondary operations
Fastener Global Sourcing Services

We’ve implemented an array of modernized programs throughout our supply chain including customized inventory management, JIT production, Kanban scheduling, stocking, and consignment services. To support our customers, we can maintain product inventory at our own factories and in our domestic and import “partner’s” warehouses, for shipment as you direct, when you need it. We have full lot traceability allowing Abbott to trace back parts to any global supplier on a lot by lot basis.

We’ve moved beyond the role of a standard outside supplier by establishing a global sourcing program that tailors to each customer’s individualized supply chain requirements. In addition, we monitor external factors that affect pricing such as material pricing, exchange rate fluctuations, logistical issues and global labor markets.

Emphasizing quality at every stage of our global sourcing process, we can provide full compliance with standards by ISO 9001, TS16949, ANSI, IFI, DIN, ASTM, ASME, RoHS, and REACH.

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