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Fluid Power

Fluid power is, quite simply, the use of liquids or gases to control apparatuses that push, pull, lift, rotate, or grip loads. It is used for tough tasks such as boring tunnels or gentle operations like lifting and stacking glass sheets. While industrial and everyday applications alike embrace this technology, it cannot function reliably without high-quality components. The demands placed on fluid power systems are constantly changing as the industry seeks greater efficiency and speed at higher operating temperatures and pressures.

Optimize your fluid power application with automatic screw machined & cold headed/formed products, and fasteners from Abbott Interfast LLCWe are an ISO Certified and ITAR registered manufacturer and distributor with global sourcing capabilities. Since 1948 our family-owned company has supplied quality metal and plastic components to most major OEMs across the USA. Our field of expertise is the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality fluid power machined parts & fasteners, as well as cold headed/formed products for fluid power. Ready to get started?

fluid power system showcasing several fasteners and components needed for end product

Related Industries

Fluid power systems come in all shapes and sizes, and they are developed for a variety of tasks. They are found in everything from automobile assembly lines and passenger airliners to packaging mechanisms and earth-moving equipment. Business sectors that most commonly use fluid power include: 

  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Offshore
  • Pneumatic 

Unique Demands of Fluid Power

The flow of fluids and gases is typically under compression and any pressure loss or leakage can degrade performance and is a potential threat to employees and the surrounding environment. These issues can lead to expensive recalls, negative customer feedback, and diminished profit margins. Our patented sealing nut, the HydraLok can solve the problem.

This nut calls for easy application, requires no surface preparation, gives complete metal to metal bearing surfaces, and saves installation time, solving the leakage issue at the threaded joint. The nut is impervious to solvents/acids and is reusable. 


Common Components

Fluid power is a fantastic technology. Designing systems that operate more safely and efficiently is essential, and the acquisition of quality components is critical. Fluid power systems are built using a myriad of components, including:

  • Pumps
  • Actuators
  • Cylinders
  • Filters
  • Fittings
  • Gauges
  • Outlets
  • Ports
  • Seals 
  • Valves

A professional, reliable, responsible supplier is crucial to achieving your goals. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is here to help with your fluid component requirements. Products we manufacture and supply include:

Materials for Fluid Power Components

Fluid power components are typically manufactured from materials that resist wear and corrosion, oppose contamination, and withstand harsh environments. Your components can be manufactured using a vast array of materials. DFAR, RoHS and REACH compliant material can be supplied upon request. Materials include but are not limited to: 

Family owned and operated, Abbott Interfast has been fabricating and supplying high-quality components to OEMs since 1948. At Abbott Interfast, we know our business. Our expert team can help you find the right material for the components set to drive your business. The success of your operation is our utmost priority! Contact us today.

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