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Firearm Components

It’s no coincidence that Abbott Interfast would be a supplier to the firearms industry.  Such weapons, whether they are handguns, long guns, rifles, shotguns, or accessories, require precision parts to operate correctly and without failure.   Many components have tolerances which require precise dimensions which happens to be one of our best capabilities.

Abbott can manufacture your firearm or accessory components using several different methods. We have provided components made from stampings, casting, screw machinecold and hot forged (headed) as well as plastic injection moldings.  In addition, we can supply all the standard fasteners present in your product.   When pricing for your component becomes an issue, we can seek ITAR approval for direct export and import.  In addition, if we cannot completely manufacture your firearm component in-house, we have access to a multitude of domestic secondary manufacturers, many of which are ITAR approved.

Come to us for your firearm components and we won’t let you down.  Since 1948 we have been supplying the Firearms Industry with parts, including the US Military. 

Firearm Components

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