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Fasteners for Electronics

In a world where technology is constantly evolvingthe electronic component industry is vital. It is difficult to find anyone in your day-to-day life who does not have at least one or more electronic devices. They are all around us, from household goods and medical equipment to manufacturing processes and aerospace mechanisms. From smartphones to fitness devices, new product development is increasing at an unprecedented rate. It is important the industry continues to grow and be supported by effective supply chains. The expectation of quality for every device has never been higher and any disruption in the supply chain can lead to expensive recalls, negative feedback, and diminished profit margins. 

Abbott Interfast LLC is an ISO Certified and ITAR registered manufacturer and distributor with global sourcing capabilities. Since 1948 our family-owned company has supplied quality metal and plastic components to the electronics industry and its supply chain partners across the USA. Ready to get a quote on custom components & fasteners for electronics and other products?

hand turning knobs on a control panel with several small electrical components.

Related Industries

Electrical products range in size from micron-width integrated circuits to mile-long automated control systems in factories and processing lines. Electronics are used in nearly every industry imaginable. Our experience is vast and includes the following industries: 

Commonly Used Components

The quality of the components plays a vital role in device assembly. A professional, reliable, responsible supplier is critical in achieving your goals. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff is here to help with your electrical component requirements. Products we manufacture and supply include:


Common Materials

Your components can be manufactured in a vast array of materials. DFAR, RoHS and REACH compliant material can be supplied upon request. Materials include but are not limited to:

Value Added Services

Abbott Interfast LLC offers a range of value-added services to streamline your supply chain, which can cut costs and improve turnaround time. Our services include:  

At Abbott Interfast, we know our business and the value it can bring to your products, believing that it is through your success that we drive our own success. Our expert team can help you find the right material to drive your business and our many long-term customers are a testament to our commitment.   

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