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Custom Bolts

A bolt is a form of fastener with an external male thread. Paired with a nut, bolts are typically used for the assembly of two components and can be easily removed to allow repairs and maintenance on the object they are installed on. Bolts are a fundamental element for any fastening application in a multitude of industries. Abbott Interfast serves many sectors with custom bolts such as consumer goods, agriculture, electronics, automotive, marine, industrial, heavy equipment, construction, medical, oil & gas, transportation, and many more.

Many projects need assistance from a custom bolt manufacturer. Abbott Interfast can manufacture and source made-to-order bolts in both inch and metric. Our bolts can be constructed from carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, A286, and brass. Abbott Interfast has been a leading solution for our customer's needs since 1948, meaning we have the experience to make your custom bolts correctly and on time. Abbott Interfast can also provide secondary operations for custom bolts such as Nylon Patching, Packing, Heat Treating, Drilling, and Bagging & Kitting.


Our selection of custom bolts includes:

  • Hex Head
  • Hex Head Cap Screws
  • Screw Machined Parts
  • Hex Flange
  • Carriage
  • Threaded Rods
  • Heavy Hex
  • U-Bolt
  • Custom Machined Parts
  • Plow
  • Eye
  • 12 Point
  • Anchor
  • Lag
  • Sock Head Cap Screws
  • Elevator
  • Phillips Drive
  • Socket Head Shoulder Bolts
  • Square Head
  • Hanger
  • Structural
  • Star Drive
  • Structural, Tap


Industry Standards:

We meet ANSI, ASTM, DFAR, DIN, IFI, ISO, JIS, MS, NASM, NAS, RoHS, SAE standards to meet your requirements. 


We can apply finishes to the custom bolts for corrosion resistance. Our finishes include Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Anodizing, Bright Dip, Cadmium, Chrome, Galvanizing, Painting, Phosphate, Black Oxide, Powder Coating, Wax, and others available on request.

About Abbott Interfast:

We strive to bring the you best quality when it comes to custom bolts and fasteners. Value Added Services for bolts are Domestic and Global Sourcing, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), and JIT. With many years of experience in fasteners, our team are the experts and are ready to help. Call Abbott Interfast or request a quote today to discuss the specifications you need for custom bolts.

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