Clamping Knobs

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Clamping Knobs

Abbott Interfast, through its wholly owned knob division, has become one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of Knobs in the industrial market today.  Our Clamping Knobs can be made with literally thousands of insert sizes/configurations. Many types of plastics available, from cost-effective and versatile standards to engineered brand names. Custom color matching is simple, and metal insert materials include grade 5 or 8 steel, 302/303/316 stainless steel, brass, aluminum.  We offer many plating options and other secondary operations such as hole drilling, slotting, nylon patching, nylon pellets, and much more.

Abbott's modern clamping knob manufacturing facilities allow production of:

  • A wide array of colors
  • Company logos
  • Custom design or shapes to your print
  • Laser Engraving, printing, plating or painting
  • Existing standard tooling can often be modified to meet your application.
  • Side set screw available with some standard styles.
  • Assembly
  • Metric threading available on all our clamping knobs.

Contract Assembly

We offer a wide variety of Knob contract assembly services to assist your manufacturing needs. Our expertise in this specialized field can:

  • Reduce production costs and defects
  • Improve the quality of workmanship
  • Decrease manufacturing time and start-up
  • Increase efficiencies by utilizing our technology and trained staff


Clamping Knobs
black clamping knobs

Clamping knobs provide the user with a knob surface capable of handling a strong grip which can easily be controlled.  This is accomplished using texturing or knurling.

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